Yelena’s Story

Yelena’s passion for art started at a young age, and she was determined to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. She began her journey by enrolling in the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, one of the most prestigious art schools in the country. It was there that Yelena discovered her love for silk painting, a unique art form that combines painting with textiles.

Silk painting fascinated Yelena as it allowed her to create wearable art pieces that were both beautiful and functional. Her designs were unique, incorporating vibrant colors and intricate details, inspired by the natural world and her travels around the world.

After graduating from the academy, Yelena moved to Ireland, where she continued to pursue her passion for art. She worked as an independent artist and art consultant, sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She then became a silk painting and art tutor at the Institute of Further Education in Dun Laoghaire, where she taught students the art of silk painting and helped them discover their creative potential.

Yelena draws inspiration from various artists, including Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and the Irish stained-glass artist and illustrator Harry Clarke. Her artworks, including accessories, silk scarves, and hand-painted leather bags, can be viewed at her studio, on her website, and at handpicked craft fairs, including the renowned ‘Gifted’ event at the RDS.

As a member of The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, Yelena is committed to promoting and preserving the art of silk painting. She offers silk painting and batik classes and workshops at her studio in Marlay Craft Courtyard and other venues. Her classes are suitable for anyone interested in exploring their creative side, whether they are beginners or experienced artists.

Yelena’s passion for silk painting and her dedication to sharing her knowledge and experience with others have made her a respected and admired figure in the Irish art community. Her unique and beautiful creations have earned her a loyal following, and she continues to inspire and captivate people with her art.

All my scarves and paintings are made with fashion in mind. Al correspond to latest trends in industry.
Only highest quality materials are used, all sourced from verified suppliers with good reputation.
Items are made with high attention to details. there is no such thing as insignificant detail.
I’m a proud member of many local and international art groups and organizations.